Skull Keeper

This was the first time I constructed a scene more elaborate than a few assets for the character to sit in, learnt a lot of environment tricks that I'll definitely be applying to future characters and scenes. All shots are from Marmoset toolbag 3.

Software used //


Wireframe shot of the character, the design process for this character was rather eclectic with different components added over time, so the tri-count did begin to balloon out. If I were ever to revisit this character consolidating and optimizing the components better would be top of my list.

The glowing elements were done entirely with alpha planes.

Texture map for the glowing elements of the staff

Rock clusters that were used to decorate the scene, texturing done with Substance Designer and Painter, Zbrush for high poly.

Trees were created in a modular fashion, the trunk is shared between each tree while the roots are bespoke. Textured in substance and high poly created in Zbrush.

Bark material that was created for the trees high poly to be used surface details.

Breakdown of scene texture passes and wireframe.

This project all started with the idea of revisiting an old character I had created back in 2012. I liked aspects of the original design, however the execution of the original was severely lacking. It was a lot of fun to revisit an old character with new ideas and skills I've picked up in the years since.