Stylized Head

Been a while since I worked on anything stylized so wanted to get back into some no photo-real stuff.  Here's hopefully the first of many I'll use to unwind in zbrush.

Female anatomy base update

I've been going through the process of updating my female basemesh, it's getting close to being finished and in a state where I can use it to start working on new characters, however there's still a few little bits and pieces I would like to fix before moving on.

Female basemesh update

I've been updating my female basemesh for my next personal project. Getting close to moving onto the next stage, thankfully...

Mercenary WIP 01

A couple shots of my current work in progress that is still very early, I decided I wanted to work on a character that was more grounded and had more real world elements to them. That being said I also wanted to do something with sci-fi armour, so I've kind of met in the middle.

At the moment I'm just working on the clothing and armour, once I have a better idea of where I want to take that I'll move onto refining the face and doing some more refined concept work before beginning proper detailing.

Shoulder pad experiments.

The pattern for the jacket.

Photogrammetry tests

Recently I've been trying out a home setup for photogrammetry work in order to get experience with the process and with working with scan data. At the moment I'm in the testing phase where I'm trying out different things to see what yields the best results for my own setup.

Here are a couple examples of scans I did recently, I used photoscan for processing the photos. These are just the raw scans and have yet to go through any kind of cleanup process, rendered in marmoset with a quick skin shader thrown on for good measure.

My intention is to do more of these with different people and ultimately incorporate the scan data into my personal work; either as reference or as a more refined starting point for working on future characters.

Some examples of the shots that were taken for these scans:

Old sculpts

A set of old speed sculpts I worked on around 2013 - 2014, most of which were likeness studies.